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CLJ Piping and Engineering specialises in the installation of stainless steel piping in the food, dairy, beverage and wine industry. This is an industry that demands flawless workmanship and quality service at all levels. The company was started in 2004.

The business places a high value on these stipulations because we believe in the level of commitment required by the industry. The business places its service delivery as cardinal in its marketing approach.

Due to this policy, the industry we serve would be in a position to entrust its work to us with the guarantee of high quality workmanship brought about by Carl’s (25) twenty three years of experience. It has also been able to contract skilled people and therefore have the staff who have a combined (46) years experience in the industry with the capacity to deliver to specifications on every contract.

The owners of the business are from a previously disadvantaged background and acquired the skills to deliver on every contract.

Process plant for Jolly Licks 

CLJ Piping and Engineering


Our company


Responsible for marketing, quotations and all operational issues.

Mr. Thieras has over 23 years experience in the industry having worked in various capacities ranging from artisan to site manager.

• Guth S.A.
• Tigerbrands
• Parmalat
• Marcels
• Rooibos Extracts
• BioVac
• Western Province Blood


Responsible for the administrative and financial aspects of the business.

Mrs. Thieras worked for S.A Factors as a debtors clerk for 11(eleven) years and has reasonable experience in managing a business.

However their collective skills will ensure that business objectives and philosophy remain uppermost in managing the business successfully.


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